Dr. Keyvan is a licensed psychologist in North Carolina with academic training that includes a Bachelor of Arts in World Religion and Philosophy, the completion of a pre-medical studies curriculum, and a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.

She completed her doctorate at Sofia University in an academic program that emphasized the importance of spiritual development in conjunction with psychological and emotional growth. Dr. Keyvan chose to focus her doctoral research on the transformative potential of spiritual and/or religious frameworks for individuals who suffered from abuse during childhood, and she completed her pre-doctoral training at community mental health practice that emphasized the holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit.

After completing her pre-doctoral training, Dr. Keyvan relocated to Nevada where she served as the Director of Children's Services in a rural mental health clinic. Much of her work was focused on assisting foster families of children exposed to substances in-utero, intellectually challenged children, and children who had suffered from severe neglect and sexual and physical abuse. Dr. Keyvan worked with children living in homeless shelters and assisted in designing and implementing a community outreach program in the inner-city school district in order to serve the children of immigrant families. Dr. Keyvan also conducted assessments for foster children in state custody.

Dr. Keyvan has worked in private practice settings, community mental health clinics, rural mental health clinics, in-patient psychiatric facilities, homeless shelters, hospitals, and inner-city school districts. She is passionate about child advocacy and works with children and adolescents with a variety of issues. She is willing to take on difficult and challenging cases and has worked with children from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Dr. Keyvan continues to work with adults seeking assistance with spiritual and religious issues. With adults, she uses mindfulness-based approaches inclusive of meditation as well as cognitive-behavioral approaches. With children, she utilizes Theraplay, play therapy, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, expressive arts modalities, and sandtray work.

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