Chris Jacobson


Chris Jacobson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He graduated from Ohio State University in 1979 with a major in Clinical Social Work.

During that time, he spent 18 months in clinical Internships.

Chris has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals, families and couples. He enjoys working with all persons he serves so that they can enrich and improve their lives.

Chris implements both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Brief Solutions Focused Therapy to help his clients overcome anxiety, depression and concerns that persons bring to therapy. He also uses a multi-modality approach which includes Interpersonal Therapy, Strategic Therapy and Reflective Listening. With his many years of clinical experience, he is able to provide supervision to LCSW-A and LPC-A colleges. He is available for consultation on utilization review of mental health and drug services. He is a consultant for program design of behavioral health services. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time camping, boating, playing sports and visiting with his grandsons.